Desi QALs

 The first thing DQ launched was a series of Quiltalongs. Quilters are partial to some methods over others and over a period of time, every quilter eventually finds her own unique style. With the QALs we hope to get the more experienced ones to lead the newbies, wannabes and other desis through a step by step programme which will encourage participants to pick up the basics or try out a new style. For a complete list of QALs, please check out the document on our FB page. (Click on button on the right to reach FB, our drawing room, where all the fun and action happens) Also do let us know if you would be interested in heading a QAL yourself. 

1.Star QAL by Elvira
DQ Elvira, who blogs at Chez Vies,  volunteered to do the first QAL. She is absolutely the Goddess of 'cute' and has an uncanny ability to throw colours and patterns in a way that makes her projects completely irresistable, cheerful and oh-so-cute! AND boy, does she love HSTs ! So a star QAL it is ! Over to Elvira...

Elvira's Star QAL#1 - Flying Geese Star
Elvira's Star QAL#2 - Ohio Star
Elvira's Star QAL#3 - Variable Friendship Star
Elvira's Star QAL#4 - Marble Star
Elvira's Star QAL#5 - The finishing
Elvira's Star QAL - Gallery

2.Cathedral Windows QAL by Chumkie
DQ Chumkie, who blogs at My Favourite Things , is leading the next Quilt-along (QAL) on Cathedral Windows in an attempt to demystify the technique and entice newbies as well as pros to try their hand at this beautiful, beautiful block. She will be showing us the traditional way of doing it as well as modern adaptations of the same. Over to Chumkie..

Chumkie's Cathedral Windows QAL - Introduction
Chumkie's Cathedral Windows QAL#1 - Orange Peel Method
Chumkie's Cathedral Windows QAL#1 - Gallery
Chumkie's cathedral Windows QAL#2 - Flying Geese Method
Chumkie's cathedral Windows QAL#2 - Gallery
Chumkie's cathedral Windows QAL#3 - Traditional Method
Chumkie's Cathedral Windows QAL#3 - Gallery

3.Patchwork Ball QAL by Amalie
DQ Amalie is from Denmark, but very much a Desi. An amazing person, she pieces all her quilts by hand! She shares with us here a couple of techniques of whipping up instant gifts for li'l people...patchwork balls. Over to Amalie..

Amalie's Patchwork Ball QAL#1 - Using pentagons
Amalie's Patchwork Ball QAL#2 - Using triangles
Amalie's Patchwork Ball QAL - Gallery

4.Chevron Tote QAL by Sudha
We have with us the very talented sewist, DQ Sudha, who is doing a very entertaining informative QAL on making chevrons from striped fabrics and then turning those chevvies into snazzy totes. Do check out her pages TheBowtiqueShop and Madras Motif to have a dekko at her work.

Part 1 - Making the chevvies
Part 2 - Making the tote
Sudha's Chevron Tote QAL - Gallery

5.Foundation Piecing QAL by Nima
We are extremely happy to have with us DQ Nima, an extremely talented and sweet lady, always generous in sharing her ideas and knowledge. You can check out her blog, Made to Treasure, to see a sampling of her stitchery, crochet, quilting, etc. Nima will be taking us step by step thru the basics of Foundation Piecing, a skill that every quilter needs to have in her kitty. Over to Nima..

Nima's Foundation Piecing QAL - Introduction
Nima's Foundation Piecing QAL - Part 1
Nima's Foundation Piecing QAL - Part 2
Nima's Foundation Piecing QAL - Part 3
Nima's Foundation Piecing QAL - Gallery

6.Faux Chenille QAL by Vani
The Desi connection brings Vani (Vanita)  to DQ all the way from Australia. A warm and lovely person, she has been wowing us with her enthusiasm and creations ever since she joined. She blogs at 'Quiltey Quips' and also has a business website, Vanita's Quilting Services. When DQ asked for volunteers for QALs, Vani, unhesitatingly and cheerfully put her hand up. She makes Faux Chenille sound so easy with her clear, step-by-step QAL.

Vani's Faux Chenille QAL - Part 1
Vani's Faux Chenille QAL - Part 2
Vani's Faux Chenille QAL - Part 3
Vani's Faux Chenille QAL - Part 4
Vani's Faux Chenille QAL - Gallery

7.Seminole Patchwork QAL by Aliya
There are awesome people and there are awesome quilters and then there are some awesome quilter-people. Aliya is one such gem of a person with a ready smile, sweet with her words, kind with her thoughts and neat and precise with her piecing and quilting. She brings for us a Quilt-Along (QAL) on the intricate looking Seminole Patchwork Technique.

Aliya's Seminole Patchwork QAL#1
Aliya's Seminole Patchwork QAL#2
Aliya's Seminole Patchwork QAL#3