Thursday 14 May 2015

Block Sixteen, Mariner 24 Draws MMDQ to a Close!

The last block of the #MMDQ Block of the Month Quilt is now up on my blog.

Called Mariner24 after the 24-needle compass that it features, this block looks much more difficult to piece than it actually is. You can find the block instrcutions and pattern here.
 With this, all sixteen blocks of this quilt have been posted. Unbelievable how time has flown! I hope you will find as much satisfaction and pleasure from making these quilt blocks as I did from designing and drafting them. I take this opportunity to thank all the Desi Quilters who tested these blocks for me and who encouraged me with their kind words at every stage.
The blocks are versatile because of their size - a 15" circle set in an 18" square.  They can be used as stand-alone runners, for cushion covers, for long runners using 3 or 4 blocks. You could use 4 blocks in a square for a table cloth or with borders and sashing for a lap quilt! So, what would make me really happy would be to see more of us attempt these blocks!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday 22 April 2015

The Pending BOM Blocks - Twelve, Fourteen and Fifteen!

I was busy all of March,  with visitors, an out of station trip and a challenge quilt. But really, after that, I have been just plain lazy, other than missing help at home. That explains Blocks Fourteen and Fifteen coming up so late. As for Block Twelve, I just forgot! I thought I had published the links, but obviously not.
So here they come...
Block Twelve Dozens Squared
In case you are wondering about the strange name, here is the story
This Block 12 of the Round the Year BOM Quilt is inspired by the beautiful Jack’s Chain block. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to call it. I thought of something to do with 9-patches and then Jill’s Chain! But then I counted the number of pieces in the circle – 144. It could not be chance that Block Twelve should contain twelve twelves, could it? The name would have to to have some reference to this, I thought. No way I was going to call it ` Gross’, which is the correct nomenclature for a dozen dozens! Dozens Squared sounded better, also as the dozens would in any case be inset in a square!

Block Fourteen The Almost Fractal Mandala
This is another block I designed and I love it! Our very own DQ Boss Lady Tina Katwal has tested it for me!

Isn't it pretty? I started designing Block Fourteen as a tribute to the  Dear Jane quilt. I experimented with a number of the Dear Jane triangular blocks, placing them revolving around a centre point to make a circle. This design came about when I was playing (on the free Quilt Assistant software ) with the block where flying geese fly outwards. I immediately fell in love with it! It does have a hypnotic quality to it, like a Mandala you can meditate upon. Also, if you take each of those wedges and subtract the outer level, the design remains the same. So, I have been trying ( in vain) to convince the few mathematicians whom I know, that this pattern a fractal! As a concession to them, I call this the (Almost) Fractal Mandala.
Block Fifteen The Winding Ways Wheel
This block, unlike all other blocks of the #MMDQ Round the Year Quilt, has no foundation paper piecing! It is a very simple block too, difficult though it may appear!
We are now up to date on all the blocks with only one more block to come up on May 1st. I hope I will have it ready on time, as my bout of laziness continues. I hate how lethargic the summers make me feel! What about you? Are you getting any quilting done at all?

Sunday 1 March 2015

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! Block Thirteen is here!

This is a star which is probably on your bucket list, but looks so complicated that you wonder if you want to attempt it! I have drafted a paper pieced version which comes up really quick and almost magically falls into place. Don't believe me? You can check with the amazingly talented fellow DQ Prabha Mathew, who tested it for me!

Isn't that pretty and don't you want one for yourself? You will find the Instructions and Paper Piecing Templates for this #MMDQ block from the free Block of the Month Quilt, Round the Year, on my blogpost.
I think this block should look great in solids or small prints with a strong contrast between the 'feathers' and the suurounding 'sky' . Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Sunday 1 February 2015

Welcome Spring with the Aster Block!

As fellow DQ Smita Prabhu put it, the Aster seems the appropriate block to make when " spring is in the air"! (Considering the fact that I woke up to 9 degrees Celsius this morning, I am not sure of that, but we'll not quibble over this...)
So to get back to the Block of the Month Quilt `Round the Year', MMDQ is happy to present to you the eleventh block - the Aster! DQ Anuradha Ramesh was sweet enough to test it for me at really short notice - just a couple of days!
She will vouch for the fact that it is probably one of the easiest blocks to piece. The assembly will introduce you to a new but necessasy sewing evil, the `y' seam, also called the inset seam.
You do know where to head for the patterns, don't you? To my blogpost, here!
Here is a dekko at the block!
Blue Aster, Block 11 Round the Year Quilt
I think this would make a great quilt on its own, like you have those Dresden quilts?

I cannot seem to add a border to this, but you do get the general idea, dont you?

So go hunt for the right fabric for the block ( or the quilt) and I wish you'll have joy, you'll have fun,  you'll have seasons in the sun! ( the song keeps going on and on in my mind since Smita spoke of spring being in the air!)

Friday 16 January 2015

Celebrate India with Block Ten -The Chakra!

The tenth block of the MMDQ Round the Year Quilt is up!
This has to be my most favourite block of all. 
If you want to make your own Chakra, this is where you head for the pattern and instructions.
I just realized that I had not shared the link for the ninth block, either. This is the traditional Double wedding ring block. 

The New Year is new yet! Why don't you jump in and try out paper piecing these blocks? I am repeating myself, but paper piecing really is a lot of fun and gives very impressive results.
Happy quilting!

Friday 26 December 2014

MMDQ - Round the Year Quilt Update

These are the first eight blocks of the quilt! When are you starting on your quilt? The blocks are paper pieced and finish at 18" - free patterns and step by step instructions can be accessed here.
I hope you will join us in the New Year - the blocks are much easier to piece than looking at them would make you believe. Lots of DQs have been working on their blocks - do have a look!
 Before I sign off, would you like some Lollipop Candy?
Happy holidays and happy quilting to you all!

Monday 1 December 2014

New Blocks on The Quilt! Southward Bound and Spiked Dresden

This is Southward Bound, the seventh block of the #MMDQ quilt Round the World! This 18" block was tested by DQ Cindy Ellerbe. 
And here below is the Spiked Dresden quilt block, tested by DQ Caroline Nagar...
Block Eight - Spiked Dresden
The second of the blocks introduces you to a great technique - foundation paper piecing with freezer paper. It is, I assure you, much easier to piece than it looks! Check for yourself by clicking on this link!
Links for patterns and instructions for Block Seven and earlier blocks are to be found in one place - on this page on my blog! 
With this, we have finished half the proposed sixteen blocks in the quilt! Those of you who have not got cracking on it or are lagging behind on the blocks - the coming holidays may be a great time to jump in or to catch up! 
The next block comes up in a fortnight ; meanwhile, happy quilting!