Monday 1 December 2014

New Blocks on The Quilt! Southward Bound and Spiked Dresden

This is Southward Bound, the seventh block of the #MMDQ quilt Round the World! This 18" block was tested by DQ Cindy Ellerbe. 
And here below is the Spiked Dresden quilt block, tested by DQ Caroline Nagar...
Block Eight - Spiked Dresden
The second of the blocks introduces you to a great technique - foundation paper piecing with freezer paper. It is, I assure you, much easier to piece than it looks! Check for yourself by clicking on this link!
Links for patterns and instructions for Block Seven and earlier blocks are to be found in one place - on this page on my blog! 
With this, we have finished half the proposed sixteen blocks in the quilt! Those of you who have not got cracking on it or are lagging behind on the blocks - the coming holidays may be a great time to jump in or to catch up! 
The next block comes up in a fortnight ; meanwhile, happy quilting! 

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