Sunny Bee

BEE DESI TOO now has a theme. And a name.


The theme is the 'Sun' and all that it means to you. Its all about living life 'Sunny Side Up'. Use it literally or figuratively. Realistically, Surrealistically or even Whimsically. The Queen Bee needs to decide what she wants her 'SUN' to be and give instructions accordingly. It could be pieced, appliqued, embroidered or just implied. It could be, lets say, a block representing the Sun, or a cityscape with a tiny Sun, or a sunny garden/beach/jungle/field/whathaveyou, or just play with shadows, or a scrappy yellow block, or just a happy block with a tiny piece of yellow thrown in somewhere. Its about celebrating life and living it with a positive, cheerful and sunny attitude. Its about BEEING a SUNNY BEE !

SUNNY BEE is all ready for take off. This Bee will be staggered for better moderation, which means the Queen Bee's month will start on the 15th rather than the 1st of every month.The Bee members have until 15th of the following month to complete the required block and despatch it to the Queen Bee of the month. DQ Bhavani will be our first Sunny Bee and will start rightaway in September'12. Have fun girls ! Cheerzzzzz....

Sep 2012 - Sunny Bee Bhavani's Sunflower block
Oct 2012 - Sunny Bee Prasanna's Sun Block
Nov 2012 - Sunny Bee Nikhat's Fiery Sun Block
Dec 2012 - Sunny Bee Sunita's Sunny Logs
Jan 2013 - Sunny Bee Medha's Happily Tumbling Blocks
Feb 2013 - Sunny Bee Manju's Rose block
March 2013 - Sunny Bee Gayathri's Dresden Sun
April 2013 - Sunny Bee Sandhya K's Sunny Sky Block
May 2013 - Sunny Bee Sudha's Easy Breezy Block
June 2013 - Sunny Bee Damayanthi's Sunflower Basket
July 2013 - Sunny Bee Aliya's Wonky House
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