Monday 10 February 2014

Blankets of Love - More Prizes

Join our charity drive 'Blankets of Love' and get a shot at winning some awesome goodies. In addition to the previously announced gorgeous prizes, we also have these, thanks to more anonymous contributors..

Say wow, right?

There are prizes for

Maximum no. of quilts
Biggest quilt
Lucky quilter 1 (from among those who have donated at least one BoL)
Lucky quilter 2 ( - ditto- )
Lucky quilter 3 (from among those who have donated more than one BoL)
Members choice award

Send some love people. Last date has been extended to 18th Feb 2014.

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Prizes to be won !

It is a known fact that quilters are amongst the most generous of crafters and the Desi Quilters are no exception. They have responded very enthusiastically and generously to our call for 'Blankets of Love', a charity drive in association with A Hundered Hands.

And to keep the spirits of these big-hearted quilters high, we have the added generosity of certain kind folk who have offered some fabulous prizes to be won by participating in the drive.

So, send us your charity quilt(s) and get a shot at winning these...

Criteria? Next post :-)

Happy quilting !