Wednesday 17 September 2014

Round the Year BOM Quilt Block - Sapphire

This is Sapphire Rainbow, the fourth block of the #MMDQ Block of the Month Quilt, Round the Year. Like the previous three blocks, this one is also paper foundation pieced and finishes at 18" square with a 15" inset circle. The pattern, fabric requirement and piecing instructions can be downloaded from the links at the end of this post.Fellow Desi Quilter Anuradha Ramesh has been sweet enough to find the time to test the other colourway, Dusk, for me. This is the design for what I call the Sapphire Fire.
Sapphire Fire Quilt Block - Round the Year Quilt
Sapphire Fire Quilt Block
I am yet to make this block in this colourway. I plan to use 4 shades of blue fabric from deep to light in this block, contrasted with 4 fabrics ranging from deep orange through light orange and gold to yellow. The background is planned in 2 shades of grey. Here is a look at some of the fabric I have been auditioning for the block! It is Fossil Fern by Benartex - I just love that fabric!
Sapphire Fire Quilt Block
Fabric for the Sapphire Fire Block
Meanwhile, I  have also listed out of a few do's and don't's to keep in mind when paper piecing the blocks from this quilt. For example, 

  • I often have people ask me if they can increase the printer settings to, say, 120% if a larger block is needed. It does not work that way, if you have the ¼" seam allowance added on to the template ( as is the case with the Round the Year block templates). You will end up increasing the seam allowance also to 120%!
  • I like to cut the templates a bit larger on all sides and trim them after piecing. It may be just superstition, I don't know! I just like the thought of some margin in case things go wrong somewhere!
  •  After cutting the fabric pieces, I can save a lot of heartburn if I remember to pin the pieces to the respective templates! At this stage, I also get a chance to check if I have missed out on a piece or two. (If you look at the Rainbow Sapphire picture, you'll spot a missing piece!)
  • I like to sort out the templates shape wise unless specifically asked not to. There is a possibility you can chain piece them and why miss the opportunity?  
  • It may sound obvious, but please remember to begin with piece #1 and #2 when you start piecing a template!
  • Unlike in the case of piecing the templates, numbering or alphabetical order does not work when assembling the templates! So that it is not necessary that A is joined to B is joined to C etc...Follow the assembly instructions given in the pattern.

 You will find lots of more foundation paper piecing  tips on my blogpost which carries the Sapphire Fire pattern. So before I forget, here are the promised pattern downloads for the Sapphire Block for the two colourways. The files are huge, and may take time to download. You need Adobe Reader on your system(downloadable free online) to be able to view/ download these files. Happy piecing and quilting!
Pattern for Sapphire Fire, Block Four of Dusk Round the Year Quilt.
Pattern for Sapphire Rainbow Block Four of Dusk Round the Year Quilt.

Monday 8 September 2014

The DQ July-Aug '14 Challenge required participants to make a quilted item using curved seams in the Indian Tricolour.

So, without further ado, may I present our lovely entries...
(The descriptions are in the words of the quilters)

JulAug01 - The right accessory for an outing on the Republic day or Independence day. Angular pieces of tricolour joined up with curved seams came together easily. The curves themselves suggested a purse - for that compact, sunglasses or the ever-present mobile. Dont miss the finishing touch - a Chakra made of dark blue beadá¹£
Finished size - approximately 6" x 12"

JulAug02 - Bicycle chain (purchased pattern). It is somewhat symbolic of all the bicycles in India.100% Indian cotton and measures 72 x 90.

JulAug03 - My tiranga 55'X20" table runner. This is my first attempt at curved seams. This is also the first time that i have used a walking foot. The best thing about the DQ challenge is that it gives one a chance to try out and learn new techniques. I used the many tutes on the world wide web to learn this.

JulAug04 - "The Flight" - an original pattern 26.5"X26.5". The birds represent the ability of people to free rise above and beyond the reach for the skies.
A first time at curved seams...scrappy binding, kantha quilting on the birds,the borders and on the paisleys at the corners and some FMQ

JulAug05 - Title: India is my home 16"x14.5"
Description : I used cotton fabrics for the quilt. And it describes the night view since we got the freedom at night. This is my very first try on curved seam. Its my original work.

JulAug06 - Infant quilt 25"x 25" in the tricolour using drunkards path block.Tried curved seams and machine quilting for the first time. I have quilted 4 bows and the border.

JulAug07 - 'NEW BEGINNINGS' 24.5''X 21'' elliptical, satin and acrylic, original design, trying to arrange some 8'' CLAM SHELLS. It looks like a Christmas Tree Ornament to me so I guess it looks festive enough to celebrate 67 years of Indian Independence! I've backed and bound the piece in green to signify NEW BEGINNINGS which I hope will be forthcoming with the dynamic new leadership.

The DQs have voted and the top three favourite entries are:


We will come back with the name of the winner soon ! Until then, hop over to the album on our DQ Facebook page and try guessing who made what !

Wednesday 3 September 2014

DQ Sep-Oct 2014 Challenge

Rules for the DQ Sep-Oct 2014 Challenge:

These challenges are designed to push you to try your hand at styles and techniques that may not necessarily be your favourites but are definitely a necessary step in your growth as a quilter.
So roll up your sleeves and whip up your entries, DQs !

The theme for this challenge is 'Concentric'.
1.Make a quilted item of any size, incorporating the 'Concentric' theme in any fashion you choose to depict.

2.Email 3 pics (1.of the full front, 2.of the full back, 3.close up of the quilting) of the finished item to Please do not send more than 3 pics as the admins do not want to have to choose. Or lesser. And please conform exactly to the pic requirements or you risk disqualification.

3.Please include title, dimensions and a short description of your entry and how you have depicted the theme.

4.Please mention if the entry is an original work or inspired. You can share your inspiration once the names are revealed after the voting.

5.Please send in your entries by the midnight of Oct 31st, 2014

Do NOT post on the Desi Quilters group facebook page since we are still following the anonymous entries format.

For more details on the format..

The winner gets
Rs.1500 voucher from Bernina India
Set of 4 coordinated FQs from The Square Inch

Best of luck !

Monday 1 September 2014

Round the Year Quilt - Block Three - Card Trick

Here it is - the third of the blocks of the month! DQ Cindy Ellerbe  was sweet enough to test it for me!
DQ Cindy Ellerbe's test block halves

This is a `complicated' version of the traditional card trick block, which has always fascinated me!
This test block was made by Desi Quilter, Manju Narain.
DQ Manju Narain made this test block
Isn't it lovely? And here are my templates for the `Dusk version' of the block, ready for assembly.

The block pattern, including fabric requirements and piecing instructions can be accessed from my blog!
Happy piecing!