Monday 22 October 2012

Prasanna, the Sunny Bee

Hello busy bee's,

Am in Chennai for 3 months for my vacation. When I saw the name SUNNY BEE I immediately thought about winter in Boston. Am going back on December and it's gonna be freaking cold. Keeping this on mind I wanted my quilt with a sun. But why one when I can get twenty??
Think my winter is going to be warm this time :)))))))...Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Oh BTW my name means sunshine and happiness..That's another reason for this quilt ...

This is my first quilt, So giving instructions is a really challenging task for me:)...Hope everyone is able to get it clearly.

I need to mention that I got inspired by Geoff's mom sunny days pattern.


100% cotton printed fabric – small prints in shades of yellow,red or orange ONLY.
Plain Black 100% cotton fabric(Please make sure that the black doesn't bleed)

 No No's:

No scrap bits (means you cannot put different fabrics in the same block. Use only one type of printed fabric for the whole block)
No embellishments
No polka dots
No stripes
No handloom fabrics


Size - 8x8 in printed fabric – 1 no.
Corners in center block – 2x2 in black – 4 no's

6x6 in black – 2 no's
6x6 in printed – 2 no's

2x5 in black – 8 no's
2x2 in printed – 8 no's

5x5 in black – 4 no's.

Your finished block should be 16.5x16.5


  1. Finish the center block aka snowball block. For this you need the 8x8 printed fabric and 2x2 black (check the reference link no 2).
  2. Next is the rectangle block. For this you need 2x5 black and 2x2 printed fabric (similar to snowball). Attach the printed fabric to the bottom of the black and stitch diagonally.
  3. Then the hourglass block. For this you need 6x6 black and 6x6 printed fabrics (check the reference video link no 1). Your Finished block should be 5x5.


For the first row take a corner 5x5 black piece and attach it with the 2x5 rectangle followed by the hourglass and then rectangle again and finally another corner black block.
For the second row take a hourglass and attach it with the center block and then another hourglass.
For the third row follow the same instructions like the first row.

Finally attach everything, square it up and you will get a 16.5x16.5 block.


I thought this will be very helpful for new bee's like me. You will get an idea for making your hourglass block and the snowball block.

I made a sample block to see whether my instructions and measurements were right. Am attaching the picture of my block. If anything is unclear please feel free to call/mail me.I will add another picture of my finished block.


A big thanks in advance to everyone.
- Pressi

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