Thursday 14 February 2013

Sunny Bee Medha's Happily Tumbling Blocks

Hello everyone,

This month is my turn to be the queen bee! First of all let me start off by saying I'm glad I got introduced to this group by my friend Veena [a big 'thank you' to her]......cuz ive learnt soo many things here. I always look forward to learning new stuff now-n-then and I've always enjoyed stitching but had never tried quilting up until now... thanks to DQ n its members who are so talented and are an inspiration 

Ok now getting to 'THE SUNNY BEE' of this month, my block is the TUMBLING BLOCK also known as baby block. The theme, the Sun, for me, it means a vibrant, colourful, bright  and cheerful..This  tumbling block  is a depiction of that. I saw this pattern when i was cleaning up some old stuff and found this magazine i had 21 years ago. Since i know more about quilting now than i knew then, i was intrigued by this simple yet its eye catching pattern.

Here's a link to the 'how to' of the quilt

The colors to be used:
BLACK is a must and should be the upper diamond
The other two colors of youur choice but should be of the similar hue, just different shades, for eg:hot pink and baby pink and black..the lighter shade diamond facing left and the darker shade facing right.
Material :100% cotton
color:only block colors,no prints.
Two isosceles triangles with a common base, with angle of 60 degrees. width of each diamond=2.5''+0.5 seam allowance.heres a picture below.
the size of the whole block would come to about 14'' length, width 12''.

Thank you all!
May many more bee's swarm up this place ;)
Happy sewing!

- Medha

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