Thursday 17 October 2013

DQ July-Aug'13 Challenge - Entries

The DQ July-Aug'13 Challenge tested the participants on their understanding and utilization of 'Negative Space' in their designs. A difficult challenge, yes, and here are the entries of the eight awesome DQs who rose up to the challenge:

Entry #1 - Chopsticks 34" x34"

Entry #2 - Blue skies, twinkling stars

Entry #3 - FMQ Tray Cloth 19"x14"

Entry #4 -  Flowers and Butterflies, a child quilt 48"x48"

Entry #5 -  Machine quilted silk appliqué wall hanging 24.5"x 20.5"

Entry #6 -  Wall hanging quilted with some bobbin-work techniques with metallic gold thread for the decorations and presents 25” x 22”

Entry #7 - Jigsew tray cloth 13"x16"

Entry #8 - 'Summerwala Happy', a small table topper for a cute bistro table. 18"x18"

The DQs have voted and the three entries with the max votes are:
Entry #1
Entry #5
Entry #6

to be cont..

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  1. Hi,

    I am glad to have come across this blog. I love quilting too. this is the latest quilt I made - Following your blog.