Monday 11 November 2013

DQ Sep-Oct'13 Challenge - Entries

The theme for the DQ Sep-Oct '13 Challenge was 'Flowers', a supposedly easy and not so exciting a theme for a challenge. It is with great pride that we present the 17 gorgeous entries with their truly inspiring and unconventional take on the theme.

Entry #1 - "Flowers of Hope"25"x13" mini quilt/wall hanging. EPP, FMQ, flannel batting. 
Cruel harsh winter
Ablaze with flowers of hope
Summer's in my heart...

Entry #2 - Poppies 16.5"x14.5". Hand Appliqué and Machine Quilting

Entry #3 -  Hexitote 17"x17"

Entry #4 - Stained glass flowers 17 " X 23"

Entry #5 - 'Garland of flowers' Wall hanging 29.5"x16 "

Entry #6 - Flowers, Pieced & Hand Appliqué Wall hanging 12"x43"

Entry #7 - Floral E-Reader Cover 5.5" x 10"

Entry #8 - hand-quilted mini wall hanging 10" x 7.5"

Entry #9 - Floral cushion cover on hand-dyed fabric. Pattern inspiration Waterlily landscape 2009 by Ann Fahl. 16.5" x16.5"

Entry #10 - EPP Flowers and hand quilted table topper 10.5"x12"

Entry #11 - Hand quilted suede clutch with dresden flower flap 9"x7"

Entry #12 - "View from my window" Wall Hanging, FMQ and Hand Quilted 34"x 23"

Entry #13 - Sunflower throw 26.5"x22"

Entry #14 -  table topper 12" x10"

Entry #15 -  Title : flowers by midnight she said
Size: 22"x20"

Entry #16 -  "Dahlia" table topper for the prayer corner, 15.5" diameter

Entry #17 - Valley of Flowers. flowers pieced and then machine tied to the quilt. Idea was to depict something using completely geometric shapes. 23" x17"

After a very close contest, the top three voted for entries (in no particular order) are:

We'll be back with the results. Watch this space.

Until then, happy quilting.

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