Sunday 18 May 2014

Handing over of the Blankets of Love

The Desi quilters did it yet again! The target for the charity drive which was a DQ - A 100 hands initiative was 50 blankets. Did we reach the target???? Oh, yes! We certainly did, in fact; we crossed the mark - we collected 57 blankets!!

There were baby blankets and adult sized blankets. There were small blankets and big blankets. There were light coloured blankets and dark coloured blankets..............each one beautiful in its own way, not only for how it looked, but also for the love which went into putting it together! They truly were Blankets of Love!

The D-day to hand over was the 23rd of February - what better month than the Valentine one!!

Here are the blankets all ready for the handing over

Some of the DQs, the blankets and the stuffed car!!!

The handing over of the blankets to Mala and Sonia of A Hundred Hands

Watch this space for pictures of the Blankets of Love..........

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