Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Sunny Bee Ashley's Gift Wrapped Sun

(Trying to catch up with posting the Bee Block instructions on the blog for the rest of the world. Here's Ashley's. )

I love this idea of these stars as my "sun". This quilt will be special as I am leaving India after almost 3 years. I want this to best express India for you through the fabrics, applique, etc in the star pattern. You can keep it plain or you can embellish.

Have fun and I look forward to the finished blocks.
Here is a view of mine:

Blocks are 10.5" finished (mine finished at 10.25).

Star  Crossed  Block  Tutorial, a  10  1/2"  block

2  contrasting  printed  fabrics
1  background  fabric

Cutting  Instructions

focus  fabric: two  2.5"  squares
one  2.5"  x  6.5"  rectangle

contrast  print: eight  2.5"  squares
two  4.25"  squares

background: four  2.5"  squares
two  4.25"  squares

Block Assembly

or you can download it from Craftsy:


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