Monday 17 December 2012

Nima's Foundation Piecing QAL - Introduction

We are extremely happy to have with us Nima, an extremely talented and sweet lady, always generous in sharing her ideas and knowledge. You can check out her blog, Made to Treasure, to see a sampling of her stitchery, crochet, quilting, etc. Nima will be taking us step by step thru the basics of Foundation Piecing, a skill that every quilter needs to have in her kitty. Over to Nima..

Welcome to the world of Foundation Piecing. It is one of the simple piecing techniques. We are going to use paper foundation for this machine-piecing project. I will upload the foundation design files soon, so that you can take a copy of it for your use.

Foundation papers are available in different brands. From my experience regular printer paper can also be used. The difference in the branded foundation paper is, it is transparent. I can relate it to the newspaper print papers that we can cheaply available in India. I remember my college days when I use that kind of paper for practicing maths.

Here I’m using regular tracing paper…it is transparent enough and I got it in A4 size for my printer. Or you can trace out the design to a tracing paper and use it as foundation paper.

The above picture is for illustration. It is a 13” foundation pieced block with a 1” mitered corner border and a 1.5” foundation pieced border. It will be a 18” block when you finish it. You can finish this as a single piece into a cushion cover, table topper or small wall hanging. If you have enough patience to work on more blocks, you can finish it into a table runner or even a bigger size quilt. I will help you to finish the block, and will help you to fix the mitered corner… You can decide what size you want to finish it. I would love to see you choose your own colors for your blocks…

Fabric Needed:

I have used five different colors other than black for this project. You can choose five colors or even less or more. I have used Batiks and self-tone fabrics…it is not necessary that you should use only bolds for this project…you can use your creative mind to use printed fabrics too. Choose your favorite combinations and keep the fabric and paper ready to start the project. I’ll upload the design file soon.


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  1. Thank you Nima for starting this QAL. I have done a bit of Foundation Piecing so doing a QAL with you and other Desi Quilters will be fun. This block looks awesome.