Wednesday 13 February 2013

DQ Jan'13 Challenge - Finalists

The DQ Jan'13 Challenge which required TEXT to be part of the design, was a tough one and sought to push DQs out of their comfort zone a bit. Also, the format was brand new and the entries were made anonymously (we love that word!). Feast your eyes on the entries..

Jan01A - Reverse applique wall hanging 16.5"x12"

Jan02A - Something cheerful for the sewing room 16"x16"


Jan03A - paper pieced and appliqued wall piece for the sewing room - 12"x16"

Jan05A - The Hip- happy quilt!' 27"X 30"
It is inspired by hippie art...and is the quilter's impression of what a hippie, who happens to be a passionate quilter, would come up with! It has foundation paper piecing, free piecing, turned appliqué, raw edged appliqué, fused appliqué, chenille. The quilting is done using a walking foot , by the qayg method...

Jan06A - Snip,Sew, Smile 18"x18"

Jan07A - Quilt your ♥ out - 14-1/2" x 14-1/2" reverse applique, hand and machine.

Of the 7 amazing entries, DQs have voted for 3 finalists:

We will be back soon with the name of the winner after collating the points. Until then, happy quilting !

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