Saturday 2 March 2013

Bee Desi With Sandhya Srinivasan

Queen Bee for the month of March is the awesome quilter Sandhya Srinivasan. Over to her......

Hello ladies
I have chosen the Ohio Star Block , pattern given by Amy Gibson in Craftsy

Ohio Star Block Pattern

                        5½" (14 cm) or one fat quarter background fabric  - off-white solid colour
                        5½“ (14 cm) or one fat quarter solid colour orange/red/maroon poplin fabric. No prints please.
Colour fabric (star)
                        Cut one 4½" (11.4cm) square (for the center)
                        Cut two 5½" (14cm) squares (for the points
Background fabric
                        Cut four 4½" (11.4cm) squares (for the corners)
                        Cut two 5½" (14cm) squares

This pattern uses just one of several methods for making quarter square triangles. Each method has pros and cons and, since preferences do range from one person to the next, feel free to construct your quarter square triangles via a different method if you would like.

1.      From the 5 ½ “  (14 cm) background squares, create 4 quarter square triangles as follows:
·         Layer each background square on top of a 5 ½ “   (14 cm) colour square, right sides together and pin.  
·         Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of the two background squares.
·         For each pair, stitch a scant ¼" (6 mm) seam on both sides of the drawn line. Cut along the line and press the units open with the seam allowance toward the darker fabric. You’ll have four half square triangle (HST) units at this point.
·         Using a ruler and rotary cutter, on the wrong side of each of these HST units, make two unit by cutting a diagonal line corner to corner, perpendicular to the seam.
·         Switch halves and pair up units, right sides together. Make sure your coordinating fabrics are opposite one another and the center seams are “nested." (Feel with your fingers to make sure there's no bump.)
·         For each pair, pin at both sides of the center intersection. Stitch a scant ¼" (6mm) seam on both sides of the drawn line.
·         Press open and trim these units to 4½" (11.4 cm).
2.      Lay out all the squares and units, using the block illustration as a guide.
3.      Join each row, using a scant ¼ " (6 mm) seam.
4.      Press the seam allowances away from the quarter square triangles.
5.      Nest and pin all of the matching seams between rows. Now stitch the rows together using a scant ¼ " (6 mm) seam.
6.      Press. Double check that the block is 12 ½ " (31.8 cm) square and trim if necessary. 

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