Tuesday 16 April 2013

Bee Desi with Shalini

Materials needed : scraps in various colours with matching/contrasting  solids

8 pieces of  4.5"   squares in various prints
8 pieces of  5.25" squares in various prints
8 pieces of  5.25" squares in  solids

1. Draw a diagonal line on the back of the solid squares.(5.25 inches)  These will be used to create half-square triangles.  Then, match up each solid square with a printed square.(5.25 inches) Face the right sides together with the line you have drawn facing you.

2. Stitch across the line that has been drawn leaving a seam of 1/4 inch. Then make a cut along the line to create two half-square triangles (HSTs). (4.5 inches)

3. Press the HSTs and trim down to 4.5 inches.

4. Lay out the squares and HSTs as for a patchwork wheel block. Put the other blocks together in pairs to create the four rows for this block.

5. Then stitch the squares in place taking care that the solids in the HST are placed at the four corners and then stitch rows together, taking care to line up the seams.   The other side of the solid HSTs should form a diagonal square in the middle.

Press the seams and …… Presto……they are ready.

you will be left with some pieces. use them to create another block for yourself. :)



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