Sunday 19 May 2013

DQ April'13 Challenge - Entries

 Just looooved the DQ April '13 brought so much eye candy. And thanks to the challenge, folks finally got around to making themselves a pincushion and thread catcher :-)

Feast your eyes..and get inspired..

Apr01 - Zakka inspired Patchwork Pincushion and Threadcatcher

Apr02 - Matching pincushion and multipurpose organiser-cum-threadcatcher. The pincushion is held with velcro and the organiser-cum-threadcatcher has ties at both ends to keep it in place by the machine

Apr03 - Set of pincushion and thread catcher

Apr04 - Pincushion & thread/mess catcher

Apr05 - Pincushion, scissors cozy & threadcatcher set made out of selvages


Apr07 - cottons for both the leaves & lotus ...machine quilted leaves & petals .the stem is in raw silk filled with polyfill ... Inspiration - my mom & best friend ..u taught me to rise above the muddy waters below..& yeah I didn't have a pincushion & never heard of a thread catcher ..May not be too practical but hey neither are 5" stilettos .. (as described by the quilter)

Apr08 - Mouse pincushion and reversible thread/scrap catcher

Apr09 - Pin cushion filled with raw rice, so it can stand on it's own weight, wool felt strip for hand sewing needles, hanging pocket for sewing tools and scrap bag for stray threads. Attached an appliqué of a thread spool in various shades of green fabric for a variegated thread look.

The DQs get to vote for their top three favourite entries every month. Unenviable task I must say !

Here are the results of the vote:

We shall be back soon after collating the points.

Until, happy quilting! Preferably a pincushion. Or a thread catcher. Coz everybody needs one. Or two.

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