Thursday 4 July 2013

Bee Desi with Tina

So here we are.. June, the last month of the Desi month.

I am also part of an international bee called Star of Africa and have received some lovely blocks from them. I have just had a brainwave..I am going to ask for similar blocks from the Desi Bees also and add to my fun quilt. So here are my instructions..

Shoes! I want shoes ! I need shoes! I love shoes and I'd like blocks with shoes/sandals/slippers/any footwear..preferably typical of the place you are from..but even otherwise is fine ...pieced, appliequed, thread painted, embroidered..anything. The more whimsical the better..but am happy with realistic representations too. I'd like the finished block to be 12.5"x12.5".

Here are pics of the blocks that I have received from my Star of Africa Bees to give you folks an idea. ..

Please do remember to use good quality, bleed free cotton/poplin.

Happy quilting and thanks for being part of the bee.

Btw if non-bee members want to make and send me a block too I shall be overjoyed. As long as u dont ask for it back :-p


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