Monday 21 October 2013

The Pieceniks' Progress

As you know things are a brewing between 'Desi Quilters' and the Canadian 'Quilting Corners Guild'.

Following our initial discussions, here's what our Sister Guild (..sister goood to say that :-)) has to say :

We had the program meeting last week and your email was read to the members. Thanks again for your suggestions and for summarizing what we discussed with all the details.

For the next few months our guild’s program is already planned. Therefore it was decided that we could start our joint activities in April 2014. I know that sounds like a long time away, but time flies.

Our group would like to start with your item 4., the supplies swap. In the meantime you could perhaps present this suggestion to your members and perhaps already find out  who would like to participate and what they would like to have from here in exchange for Indian fabrics. We will also get the feedback from our guild members over the next few months.

We think this would be a good way to get started and we hope you and your members will agree.

So, what do you say DQs?


  1. Excellent idea! Lets go for it! Count me in!

  2. great idea! Would love to join the swap :)

  3. I say a big Yes Tina. Fabric in exchange for something else would be great.

  4. I suggest to swap fabrics and embroidered patches of traditional embroideries like phulkari, kantha , kasuti etc. with stuff we do not get here in india like good quality felt,tools,ribbons etc