Monday 4 November 2013

First Quilts - DQ Smita Sinhal

(Guest post by Smita Sinhal, the 15th in our series of 'First Quilts')

I now feel blessed n lucky to have landed in a place where I had no work permit. I discovered a totally new me.

So I am in Charlotte NC with nothing to do and there is this show Simply Quilts, hosted by Alex Anderson. I was instantly fascinated by that show, how they cut with seam allowance, all those techniques to make bindings,  miter corners and so many more. Used to wait for that show to air and would religiously put TV on right on time.
One fine day decided to take a plunge. They just aired mariners compass, the block looked just beautiful beyond words and I knew THIS is the block I want to make, went to the nearest Wal-Mart, did not know any other place where I would get fabrics, so picked a sewing machine and few yards of colours. Started on the center block and by the time the block was done my fabrics also finished. Another trip to fetch a few more yards...  The center block turned out well with corners In place.. So made a few more small ones. Now I had fabric left so decided to make that border with them in squares... Joining squares was a piece of cake by now hehehe... And there was my first quilt mariners compass. Now was time to show off.... Showed it to my friends they all liked it. With this I started on a journey I love..Discovered a place Mary Joes in Gastonia NC. Most awesome place for a fabric lover. Made numerous trips to Mary Joes  and quilts after that...potrait quilt,  3 D flower quilt,  water color Quilt,  pineapple block quilt,  foundation piecing and many more.

I was blessed with a daughter with that started yet another journey of making dresses :-) . After my friends n family's encouragement I have started it professionally. I am glad I found my Love Of making Quilts, Dresses n shopping for beautiful fabrics.

Hope you like it.
Smita Sinhal

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  1. This is an awesome qult What a great inspiration for a novice like me!