Monday 24 November 2014

Spread Some Cheer - Update

'Spread Some Cheer',Desi Quilters-The Square Inch initiative to help raise funds for Swanthana, a home for physically and mentally challenged girls, has generated quite a bit of interest and we have managed to raise close to Rs.8,000 so far with many more who have pledged their time.

The orders went faster than anticipated and we have run out of the big reindeer panels. All further contributors will be sent bundles consisting of FOUR of the smaller reindeer panels and the two coordinated snowflake fat quarters.

There seems to be some confusion about the second option which asked for quilted items to be sent for selling at school fairs by our volunteers and thus raising funds for Swanthana. To clarify, the said items do NOT have to be made out of these fabrics. These are for you to keep and use as you desire. You are welcome to use your stash for making the charity items.

New readers, please do check out the previous post for details on how to contribute towards this initiative.

Will keep you posted.

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