Sunday 1 February 2015

Welcome Spring with the Aster Block!

As fellow DQ Smita Prabhu put it, the Aster seems the appropriate block to make when " spring is in the air"! (Considering the fact that I woke up to 9 degrees Celsius this morning, I am not sure of that, but we'll not quibble over this...)
So to get back to the Block of the Month Quilt `Round the Year', MMDQ is happy to present to you the eleventh block - the Aster! DQ Anuradha Ramesh was sweet enough to test it for me at really short notice - just a couple of days!
She will vouch for the fact that it is probably one of the easiest blocks to piece. The assembly will introduce you to a new but necessasy sewing evil, the `y' seam, also called the inset seam.
You do know where to head for the patterns, don't you? To my blogpost, here!
Here is a dekko at the block!
Blue Aster, Block 11 Round the Year Quilt
I think this would make a great quilt on its own, like you have those Dresden quilts?

I cannot seem to add a border to this, but you do get the general idea, dont you?

So go hunt for the right fabric for the block ( or the quilt) and I wish you'll have joy, you'll have fun,  you'll have seasons in the sun! ( the song keeps going on and on in my mind since Smita spoke of spring being in the air!)

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