Wednesday 22 April 2015

The Pending BOM Blocks - Twelve, Fourteen and Fifteen!

I was busy all of March,  with visitors, an out of station trip and a challenge quilt. But really, after that, I have been just plain lazy, other than missing help at home. That explains Blocks Fourteen and Fifteen coming up so late. As for Block Twelve, I just forgot! I thought I had published the links, but obviously not.
So here they come...
Block Twelve Dozens Squared
In case you are wondering about the strange name, here is the story
This Block 12 of the Round the Year BOM Quilt is inspired by the beautiful Jack’s Chain block. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to call it. I thought of something to do with 9-patches and then Jill’s Chain! But then I counted the number of pieces in the circle – 144. It could not be chance that Block Twelve should contain twelve twelves, could it? The name would have to to have some reference to this, I thought. No way I was going to call it ` Gross’, which is the correct nomenclature for a dozen dozens! Dozens Squared sounded better, also as the dozens would in any case be inset in a square!

Block Fourteen The Almost Fractal Mandala
This is another block I designed and I love it! Our very own DQ Boss Lady Tina Katwal has tested it for me!

Isn't it pretty? I started designing Block Fourteen as a tribute to the  Dear Jane quilt. I experimented with a number of the Dear Jane triangular blocks, placing them revolving around a centre point to make a circle. This design came about when I was playing (on the free Quilt Assistant software ) with the block where flying geese fly outwards. I immediately fell in love with it! It does have a hypnotic quality to it, like a Mandala you can meditate upon. Also, if you take each of those wedges and subtract the outer level, the design remains the same. So, I have been trying ( in vain) to convince the few mathematicians whom I know, that this pattern a fractal! As a concession to them, I call this the (Almost) Fractal Mandala.
Block Fifteen The Winding Ways Wheel
This block, unlike all other blocks of the #MMDQ Round the Year Quilt, has no foundation paper piecing! It is a very simple block too, difficult though it may appear!
We are now up to date on all the blocks with only one more block to come up on May 1st. I hope I will have it ready on time, as my bout of laziness continues. I hate how lethargic the summers make me feel! What about you? Are you getting any quilting done at all?

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