Tuesday 26 June 2012

Bee Desi with Vidya2

Its Bee Desi time folks! We have with us the lovely DQ Vidya Parthasarathy, pyaar se called Vidya2 (as there are more than one Vidya, we had to serial number them!), Queenbee for the month of July 2012.

It is common knowledge that most DQs are afflicted with a serious strain of the 'can't-wait's. Queenbee Vidya2 couldn't wait to share with us her set of instructions for the blocks that the rest of the Bee members are going to be making for her. So, over to Vidya2...


Ok bees.. here comes the first one.. My inspiration is from Denyse Schmidt and I'd like the "Drunk love in a log cabin" block. I'm not sure if I love the block or the name better :-).

You can check out her website :  http://dsquilts.com/quilts.asp?PageID=1

And for some inspiration, take a look here. I'd like something similar please.

For all your questions, here are the answers:

- What size should you be making the block ?
  15"x15" finished block

- What about the fabric?
  Use it from your stash

- What about colours?
  Solid colours ONLY, a maximum of 4 colours - 1 white and 3 other colours of your choice

- Any embellishment?
 Nope, I like it plain and simple. But I would love it if you would embroider your initials or name on the block :)

- Thread colour?
  Your choice

- By when should you send it to me?
  Anytime before July 30th

- The address?
  Bee members will receive the addresses by email

Oh well, can't wait!! :-)

Vidya :) 


  1. That's such a fun idea.....each one of us can pick colours we like and then you can get us to do a personality analysis :)

  2. Lovely Design!!!!! Will start ASAP!

  3. Love log cabin. I am sure I will enjoy doing this variation too. Love that you are using only solids. Will send as soon as I can.