Monday 25 June 2012

A quick roundup

Like any self-respecting group of quilters, we have activities to keep our hands and heads busy. Here's a quick roundup of current activities :

1. Desi QALs - The first thing DQ launched was a series of Quiltalongs. Quilters are partial to some methods over others and over a period of time, every quilter eventually finds her own unique style. With the QALs we hope to get the more experienced ones to lead the newbies, wannabes and other desis through a step by step programme which will encourage participants to pick up the basics or try out a new style. For a complete list of QALs, please check out the document on the FB page. Also do let us know if you would be interested in heading a QAL yourself.

2. Monthly Challenges - Rules for the monthly challenges are announced at the beginning of the month and participants have to prepare and post their entries before the end of the month. These challenges will test different abilities of the quilters like skill, precision, creativity, neatness and sense of colour and balance. Most of all, the challenges aim to push the participants to raise the bar for themselves and encourage them to figure out how to stay within the boundaries of rules and yet think out of the box to create something drool-worthy.

3. Bee Desi -  Bee Desi is starting off with a very simple format. 12 bee members, each chooses a month, decides if the other 11 are to make her blocks from their own stash or from fabric sent by her, settles on her quilt pattern and sends out instructions (and maybe fabric). The others have a month to make the blocks as per the instructions and mail them back to the queenbee. At the end of her month, the queenbee has 12 blocks to put together in a very special quilt for herself and at the end of 12 months, all Beedesis have a quilt for themselves. The first Bee is full and a 2nd one is in the pipeline. Interested folks may please post on the FB page or write to us at

Its almost the end of June, and there's quite a bit of excitement what with DQs looking forward to the challenge entries as well as the next QAL and Bee Desi kick-off.

Don't you just loove the happy excitement?!


  1. Yesss Tina! 'Can't wait' to see the rest of the June challenge entries and...already looking forward to next month's challenge!! :)

  2. Hey Tina....I love this space! So much happening! Look forward to contributing!

  3. Hats off to Desi quilters for starting something like this. It has made a laid back person (typical Hyderabadi) to finish challenges. Usually my projects are 'decade' projects or started-unfinished. Thanks buddies. Three cheers to quilting mates - Desi Quilters.

  4. Great post!! I'm very excited to part of this group. Buzzing with quilting activities :D Can't wait to start the Bee Desi too :)