Thursday 21 August 2014

DQ July-Aug '14 Challenge

Rules for the DQ July-Aug 2014 Challenge:

Its that time of the year again..time for us to pull out and celebrate our tricolour. So yes, we have a repeat of one of the older challenges, but with a small twist this time. Like, literally !
1.Make a quilted item of any size, incorporating CURVED SEAMS (at least one), in the colours of the Indian flag. The tricolours need to be dominant and you may include other colours too.
2.Email 3 pics (1.of the full front, 2.of the full back, 3.close up of the quilting) of the finished item to Please do not send more than 3 pics as the admins do not want to have to choose. Or lesser. And please conform exactly to the pic requirements or you risk disqualification.
3.Please include title, dimensions and a short description of your entry.
4.Please mention if the entry is an original work or inspired. You can share your inspiration once the names are revealed after the voting.
5.Please send in your entries by the midnight of Aug 30th, 2014

We are still following the anonymous entries format, so do NOT post pics on the Desi Quilters group page. For more details on the format..

The winner gets
Rs.1500 voucher from Bernina India
Set of 4 coordinated FQs from The Square Inch

Come on DQs, jump in. Look at it as a way to learn something new and sharpen your existing skills.

Best of luck !

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