Sunday 21 October 2012

First Quilts - DQ Chumkie

(Guest post by DQ Chumkie, the 3rd in our series of 'First Quilts')

My First Quilt

Here is my first queen-size quilt, made in my first quilting class. The pattern is called Sunshine and Shadows. The squares adjacent to the white squares have some red in them, which the camera didn't pick up, so it isn't completely monochromatic.

It took 4 weeks to complete the top. I took a follow-up class to learn how to pick and piece a backing,  layering and basting the three layers, and took another class in hand quilting.

I initially started out machine quilting it, but since I was working with an old, old sewing machine which didn't have a walking foot, I gave that up in a hurry! It took me 3 years to complete hand-quilting this quilt!

There was enough material on the back of the quilt which allowed me to fold it over to the front to simulate binding.

This quilt was started in March 1991 and finished in September 1994. It was a very challenging first quilt and my advice to beginner quilters would be to start small because there’s no greater satisfaction and inspiration than to walk away from a class with a finished quilt.

This quilt was gifted to Son #2 a number of years ago, is used daily and still covers his and his wife’s bed.

- Chumkie


  1. Beautiful work and very intense! Very brave venture for a first quilt!

    1. Thanks, Manju. I just didn't know any better :)

  2. Beautiful....I love the narrative as well!

  3. Very beautiful.....the labour of 3 years shows well as it turned put exquiste!

    1. Thank you. I was so glad when it was done!

  4. Is is super quilt. Great patience for a first quilt too.