Monday 1 October 2012

DQ September '12 Challenge - Entries

September was just awesome!! 14 lovely entries with a nail biting finish ! The excitement on the DQ page at the time of the challenge deadline could've easily rivaled that of a derby ! Whew !!

A quick recap of the September '12 rules:

1.Make a wholecloth quilt, not smaller than 24"x18"
2.Use any quilting technique as long as the top is one single piece
3.Your entry is valid ONLY if entered in the doc here as well as posted in the Challenge album

Truth be told, DQs have outdone themselves this month. There were quite a few first time participants and that is sooo heart warming. Without further ado, here are the lovely lovely lovely entries. Just lovely.

1.Riddhi Kapoor
My piece is 20"x24", hand quilted. embroidery with ribbon flowers on khadi silk with polyester filling

2. Brinda Crishna
18" X24 ". Machine quilted

3. Manju Narain
My Experiment with ‘Kantha’, Size : 18”x24”
Kantha is a traditional hand embroidery style from West Bengal. It is mainly running stitch embroidered on sarees, dupattas and even used for quilting a few layers of fabric together. This form has always fascinated me and I thought the ‘ one piece quilt challenge’ would be good place to play with it and make something small as it takes forever to do. So here is my interpretation of it! I have used silk fabric for the top, the backing is cotton and the filling is polyester fiber.

Birds of a feather - FMQed wholecloth quilt 60"x90"
More pics at..

African folk art, applique and FMQ

Size 30"X28" Whole cloth quilt with some hand and machined work on it.

7. Sudha
Size - 50"X40" Whole cloth hand quilted inspired by color-block and kantha. More pics at -

8. Elvira Threeyama
Wholecloth quilted table runner. Size: 18 x 35

9. Prasanna Narasimhan
Wholecloth quilt with peacock applique.. Size - 24"x24"

10. Agnes Dyah Wijayanti
Wholecloth quilt in a form of table runner, size 18"x44", the flowers are hand embroidered and the rest is machine quilted

11.Damayanthi bhat
Wholecloth quilt made by stippling technique, size 24 " X 24 "

12.Kalindi Hambir
Oleti , size 38" x 24"
This is single piece machine applique and machine quilted Quilt.

13.Aliya Mir


Three best entries will be decided by votes and one lucky winner among them, by lots. Thank you BERNINA India, for sponsoring the prizes and adding that zest to the Challenge !


  1. What a lovely collection of quilts. Very sad that I missed this month..

  2. i am pressed for choice..!!

  3. It definitely was nail biting!!!!Looking forward to the next challenge

  4. How well written !! You've captured the tension in the last half hour before entries closed !! I met Kalindi the other day and she was describing how her quilt was ready and photographed only 10 mins before the deadline and how she had to ask her DH to upload the pic !!! With the internet the way it is that was an uphill task !!! Aliya had a similar story too.
    Maybe entrants should write here, again, instead of just on our DQ page, how they finished or what they went thru while completing their quilts.