Sunday 30 September 2012

Bee Desi with Brinda

(We have with us the lovely DQ Brinda who gets to be queen bee for the month of  October'12. Here are her instructions for her blocks for BEE DESI)

Brinda’s Bee Block : ‘Polaroid Blocks’!!!

I decided to make these blocks as they are simple, modern and easy for everyone to do. They are like a snapshot in a frame hence called polaroid blocks!

Each bee will make me 4 ‘pictures’ or 4 quarters of a block. What I mean is that 4 pieces or quarters make one block….but I don’t want you to do the last bit of joining, as I will do that. This is because I will mix and match all the 48 quarters in the best combination when I finally put the quilt together!

General instructions:

All fabric has to be 100% cotton. Please do check that the colour of the fabric is fast!

The background or ‘frame’ has to be an off white or cream plain fabric….NOT white.


The seam allowance of a quarter inch is already included so you don’t have to add anything. Just follow the instructions. You will need 4 ‘pictures’ which are exactly 4”X 4”. These can be in any colour of anything, but basically the 4” squares need to make a picture, complete in itself.

From the background fabric cut 8 rectangles which measure 4”X2” each and 8 rectangles which measure 7”X2” each.

To assemble. Take a ‘picture’ and sew one 4”X2” rectangle to the top and one to of the bottom of picture. Iron the seams open.

Then sew one 7”X2” rectangle each to the 2 sides, and your one picture or quarter of the block is done! Make 3 more….and 4 quarters of one block is complete! Each quarter or picture should measure 7” square when it is ready. Don’t stich the 4 pictures, just put it in a packet and send it to me!

I am posting a picture of the four I have made as a sample for you to get the idea of what I mean and the way they will look when you send it to me!

Happy stitching! I am so looking forward to the many ‘pictures’.

A BIG THANKS in advance!


  1. Hi Brinda, I am going to try doing this and sending it to you. what is the final size of the block after sewing seams as shown in sample pic?

  2. hi brinda,

    can the middle square be a combination of pieces or appliqued or embroiderede or would you just like a single square piece of printed fabric?

  3. Anitha....not sure...and I can't even measure my sample pieces to tell you, because I am out of Kolkata and won't be back till the end of the month! However if you follow the sizes given it should be fine!