Thursday 27 September 2012

First Quilts - DQ Amalie

(Guest post by DQ Amalie, the 2nd in our series of 'First Quilts')

I have not been quilting very long so I will share the first and so far only quilt I have made. I do not own a sewing machine yet, so all my projects are hand pieced over paper to keep it fixed. This quilt was a gift for a very special person or rather persons, a good friend and her newborn daughter.

My first quilt started with these fabrics..

Came to look like this after I fixed the fabric on the paper templates..

The front of the quilt ended up like this after hand sewing the pieces..

And the end result with a purple fleece back and batting looked like this..

After making this quilt I was completely hooked on making more quilted things. I have made a few patchwork balls since and have also started on my next quilt.



  1. Its beautiful. A first one and tht too hand -quilted. just wow..!!

  2. Amalie, I can't believe you made this entire quilt by hand! It is so perfect and beautiful!

  3. Amalie, that's a beautiful quilt !! Now you've got me thinking about hand quilting !!

  4. Love your first quilt Amalie! The paper piecing is sooo neat and such happy colours!! All the best for the one!

  5. luv d color combo..attractive n so cute!!