Saturday 1 September 2012

DQ August'12 Challenge Entries

The August Challenge was in commemoration of India's Independence Day which falls on 15th of August. Following were the rules and the entries :

DQ August'12 Challenge will test the participants' skill in reducing a pattern to a miniature.
Here are the rules:
- Make a mini not bigger than 12"x12", using pieces not bigger than 1.5" finished
- Colours to be used - saffron, white and green ONLY..Yes, the Indian Flag colours

Last date : 31st Aug'12, 6 PM IST

1.Tina Katwal
Happy Independence day !

2.Syeda Arshia Nikhat
A bouquet of Independence!

3. Elvira Threeyama

4.Nirmala Gurunathan

 5. Damayanthi Bhat - 1

6. Damayanthi Bhat - 2

7. Aliya Mir

8. Brinda Crishna
I made my challenge into a cushion!

DQs will vote for the 3 best entries and one lucky winner will win awesome prizes sponsored by BERNINA India.

Off to vote !

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  1. first - #1
    second - #2
    third - #7

    Wonderful job !