Friday 28 September 2012

Amalie's Patchwork Ball QAL#2

DQ Amalie is back with the second version of her nifty patchwork balls. Where QAL#1 used pentagon shapes, this one uses triangles. So, over to Amalie...

Supplies needed:
Fabric of your choice, needle, threat, scissors, cardboard that is a bit more stiff then normal
paper but soft enough for a needle to easily go through it, Filling for ball old/new pillow ( I cut the pillow
open and used the filling to stuff the ball.)

Cut 20 paper triangles. These triangles are 2.75 inches on each side. But you can make them any size depending on how large you want your ball. Place on fabric and cut making sure your fabric triangles are at least ¼ inch larger than your paper templates, so that you can fold the fabric around the paper and loosely stitch the fabric to the paper.

Sew the fabric to the paper and then place them like this..

Then sew all the triangles together by putting the right sides towards each other.

And then sew this to a ball by sewing the openings together, this should end up with you having a ball.

Leave one side open and put in the filling and then sew the hole shut.

The end result should look like this.

Have a ball !

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