Monday 5 November 2012

Being a responsible BEE

Being a responsible BEE!!
(Compiled by DQ Brinda)

The first DQ Bee is in progress and the second one has already started! Since many of us are new to this, I feel we need to lay down some ground rules and keep to these to ensure that our blocks are perfect, neat and of high quality.

1. Instructions: Every Bee gives instructions and these need to be followed closely. In case one doesn’t understand it then a clarification should be sought from the Bee! It is important to keep to the size of the block the bee has asked for, otherwise it will affect the size of the final quilt planned.

2. Fabric and thread: Please use only 100 % cotton, not just any cotton but GOOD quality cotton the thickness of poplin, from a recognised mill like Mafatlal or Vijaya. You need to make sure the fabric will not bleed! Please don’t use handloom fabric, or mulmul or cambric, unless the Bee has specifically asked for it. It is very difficult to work with fabrics of different weights and thicknesses and affects the quality of the final quilt!

Please use only cotton thread if possible. This is not available very easily, but if one looks it is available in white and black. The thread you use to join seams should be a neutral colour, for example, don’t use black thread on primarily pale or white fabrics!!!!!

3. Quality of sewing: The rule for quilting is that all seams should be 1/4th inch. Please do follow this strictly. The fabric should be cut neatly and there should be no frayed edges! All seams should be ironed flat, either open or folded to the dark side. Some Bees give instructions about this, others don’t, but either these 2 methods should be used. There are enough tutorials and links on the net that show you how to do this.

Ironing at every stage is essential. The fabric should be ironed when you start, and then each seam should be ironed as you build your block

4. Keeping to time: Please ensure that your block arrives by the last date, and if for some reason you can’t then please let the Bee know!

I think we need to really need to remember that we are putting time and energy into making something that should last and should be as perfect as we can possibly make it!!!!.

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