Friday 16 November 2012

Sunny Bee Nikhat's Fiery Sun

Hello Sunny Bees,

My turn to be the QUEEN BEE :-)…well don't you worry, will not take you to task but will just 'Raise the bar' as Tina mentioned, a wee bit.

The theme SUN or SUNNY SIDE UP, for me  literally or figuratively is the fiery sun itself in all its glory.

Googled big time to see an apt image or tute for the image I had in mind and finally settled for this one…

 100% cotton- small prints of sunny colours, shades of red, orange and yellow only
 100% cotton- Black  (please test for colour fastness for all fabric)

 White sheets of paper or fusible web
 Scale and Protractor
 A pair of scissors

Cut out templates as shown

A - 4 nos.
B - 5 nos
C - 1 no.
D - 1 no.
E - 1 no. 

Place the templates A, C and D on the black fabric and stick them. Give a 1/4" seam allowance all over and cut the fabric.

Similarly, place templates B and E on the printed fabric, stick it and cut leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

The link below will help you...

Sew the triangles together and then attach the centre arc.  Trim and iron.

 The radius of the arc should measure 13".


- Nikhat

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