Saturday 5 January 2013

DQ Bangalore Meet (30.11.12) - Report

(Report filed by DQ Tina)

The DQ Bangalore Meet was hosted by the super-sober-super-fun DQ Smita at her house on 30th of Nov '12. A beginner quilter, she is one amazing person - kept us in splits all the time while keeping such a straight face herself ! The meet was attended by mostly Bangalore DQs. No wait, there were some visiting from Chennai and Guntur and Mangalore and one who had recently relocated from Hyderabad. I think there was a fair bit of pan-Indian representation with DQs from diverse backgrounds. The youngest was a 16 yr old avid beginner. Oh, and a dog.

After the intros were done, the most awaited Show-and-Tell began. Thanks to DQ Sunita who also helped coordinate the meet, the proceedings adhered pretty much to the agenda, else the chatter would keep taking off tangentially. Blame the yummy eats. And the bottles that were uncorked by then, of course !

I couldn't decide who/what was lovelier - the lovely DQ Sudnya or her lovely hexie quilt. Of course, nobody asked me, but if they had, I couldn't have.

DQ Sunita showed us her passion for quilting. We saw it in her words and her eyes and her thoughts and her determination. She also showed us her crazy India tea cozy quilted to perfection.

Most prolific quilter DQ Damayanthi shared with us a few of her charming infant quilts.

 DQ Sudha showed off her Cathedral Windows WIP, some totes and clutches and she also very generously gifted her hand made hair accessories to DQs with li'l girls.

Since DQ Pooja had the legs and I had the quilt, we decided to do a joint show-and-tell :-)

DQ Smitha regaled us with her adventures in quilting.

Here's Sangita showing us her cute Ragi-filled doll. And having lunch. Saves time :-)

Actually, by then we were ALL doing lunch plus any one other thing.. gawking, admiring, laughing, sharing, posing..

Lunch was an amazing potluck. Thank you DQs, you multi talented ladies ! After lunch, we had secret Santa distribute the gifts. Most of us had made something to put in Santa's bag. Here's a peek at some of the goodies..

 And so ended another Bangalore DQ Meet, with lots of fun, laughter and learning. A special mention to DQ Mona who dragged along her very sportive husband and adorable kiddo. Love you all !


  1. We shift to Bangalore sometime next year....and I am seriously looking forward to all the fun!!!!! What an amazing meet!

  2. Looks like you all had such a marvelous time !! Envy envy!!


  3. This is so so cool!!! Way to go ladies.

  4. It's so nice to see all of you get together and have such a fun time!