Sunday 6 January 2013

Sunny Bee Sunita's Sunny Logs


Alas I am the new queen bee. Super excited and so looking forward to my blocks from all you talented girls. I have been very fortunate to be a part of DQ since my quilting journey began from here. Also lucky to be part of sunny bee as I literally love the sun and so much so that I have it tattooed on my arm. I love bright colours, a sunny day, very many blooms in my small balcony garden and above all I love cutting fabric and then putting it together.

I have chosen super easy scrappy log cabin blocks for my quilt. The specifications are as below:

You can use any colour cotton fabric but try using the sunny bee colours so we can stick to the theme. Make it as bright as possible.

The center square is 1.5 inch unfinished (1 inch finished )
The stripes are also 1.5 inch unfinished (1 inch finished )
The completed block will be 16" finished
Make sure to square it out well before sending it to me

FYI, I will be adding a common border for each block before joining them together. There is a lot of liberty here, do as you choose, but please do a neat job on the front and the back. After adding every strip, please press the seams down on one side and press the front flat. When finished and while trying to square it out into 16" square, if the square is a bit wonky it is fine.

If needed you can check out any tutorial for a log cabin on YouTube

Have fun with this easy peasy one. Promise to show you the finished piece within a week of receiving the last block. Will be making this one without batting for my black and grey sofa. Thank you.


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