Friday 18 January 2013

Jan '13 Challenge - New format

A brand new challenge for a brand new year ! The test, this time, is in the text !

1.Make a quilted wall hanging of any size for your sewing space.

2.Include TEXT as part of the design. It can be a word, a sentence or a para..your wish. Something that inspires you, motivates you or just tickles you pink...your wish.

3.The TEXT part may be pieced, appliqued or quilted. Embroidering the text is not allowed unless it is for purposes of quilting.

4.Entries to be submitted BEFORE 30th Jan 2013 midnight. Please note, last date is 30th, NOT 31st of Jan.

5.Entries will be anonymous and are to be submitted in the new format as follows:

(a) Mail 3 UNMARKED photographs of your entry to The admins will allot a number and post it on FB. Pls do NOT acknowledge or hint at it as your entry in the comments thereafter

(b) Include a short description and the finished size in the email

(c) The photographs should be sharp and shot in good light. Pls include a shot of the full front view, one of the back and one close-up of the quilting

(d) Of the entries, 3 favourites will be voted for as usual, by the DQs and ranked. The top 3 entries will also be ranked by the sponsors. Equal weightage will be given to all three.

(e) Once the results are collated, winner will be announced on the DQ blog.

This is a trial run of the latest avatar of the monthly challenges after incorporating your suggestions and ideas. Any feedback is welcome at

The Jan '13 winner gets to win

1.'Mettler' - ' Made in Germany ' Polysheen Thread Box containing 8 mix spools from


2.'BERNINA' - "Inspiration" magazine full of creative ideas for the passionate sewer, quilter and embroiderer - 1 recent issue - also from Bernina


3. Rs.500 gift voucher from Quilts of Love

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  1. I have an idea for this!!!! Hopefully can get it done!!!