Wednesday 15 October 2014

Sunny Bee Ashley's Gift Wrapped Sun

(Trying to catch up with posting the Bee Block instructions on the blog for the rest of the world. Here's Ashley's. )

I love this idea of these stars as my "sun". This quilt will be special as I am leaving India after almost 3 years. I want this to best express India for you through the fabrics, applique, etc in the star pattern. You can keep it plain or you can embellish.

Have fun and I look forward to the finished blocks.
Here is a view of mine:

Blocks are 10.5" finished (mine finished at 10.25).

Star  Crossed  Block  Tutorial, a  10  1/2"  block

2  contrasting  printed  fabrics
1  background  fabric

Cutting  Instructions

focus  fabric: two  2.5"  squares
one  2.5"  x  6.5"  rectangle

contrast  print: eight  2.5"  squares
two  4.25"  squares

background: four  2.5"  squares
two  4.25"  squares

Block Assembly

or you can download it from Craftsy:


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