Saturday 4 October 2014

Shadows, Clouds, Squircles and a Duet - Layout Options for thr Round the Year Quilt

My back is still bothering me - so I have not been doing any piecing or quilting for over 5 weeks now! Hence I decided to delay Block 5 of the quilt to October 15th and do some designing and calculations instead.
So this fortnight is being used to post layout options (with complete fabric requirements for each ) for the block of the month quilt. Two options are already up, and one on the way. This is the `Shadows' option for the Dusk version.
Here are the `Clouds' for the Rainbow Quilt.
The details for these options are posted on my blog.
And what then are squircles? You need to see this post to find out!
But I will not leave you without sharing with you one more picture...the Round the Year Quilt made in two colours,

As you can see, I have been trying out various borders on this option, inspired by the original Camelot quilt. I  am tentatively naming this two-colour option  Duet, unless you can suggest something more apt?
And I do urgently need some more testers for the quilt blocks and would be grateful to anyone who volunteers! Thanks in advance. 

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  1. Wow mind boggling options! They're all so vibrant! Thanks! It'll guide me in the final making of my sampler quilt! I've put it aside for the time being. Been travelling a lot and now busy with the DQMeet 'Homework'