Wednesday 23 July 2014

Of Curves and Pins - Assembling the Dahlia Block

Okay ladies! The fun and games are over! You have the Dahlia arcs pieced? Now let us get down to some serious business!

Gather your tools - a small pair of scissors to trim the arcs to size, a box of pins to pin the arcs in pairs before you start sewing,  your (eyebrow?!) tweezers to help ease out the paper. Where is the Master Template? Refer to it to arrange your arcs.
Change the machine foot the ¼” piecing foot, set the stitch length at 1.5, set speed to “low” and needle position to “down” if you have the option. 
 Before you begin, it is reassuring to remember that all curves are straight as they go under the needle a stitch at a time! And that the slow and steady master the curves!
If you want more hints and tips on assembling the Dahlia, click here - the link takes you to my blog, where I have step by step instructions on pinning and sewing curves.
Looking forward to seeing your version of the yin and yang!

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