Monday 7 July 2014

Time to dig into your stash ...or your pocket?

Fabric Requirement for the Block of the Month Quilt "Round the Year" has been posted!
You know, I used to be a banker! But I don’t remember checking and re-checking the accounts (in those days of manual banking) as many times as I have checked these figures. Each pattern will also be tested by at least one fellow quilter and me before I release it!  But please remember, this Block of the Month quilt is more in the form of a quilt along; the fabric requirements that I give you are extrapolated from the five blocks that have been tested. True to my training as a conservative banker, I tend to err towards buying less fabric for a project than needed. This time I have made a conscious attempt to make a more realistic estimate and yet, it may not be very accurate. I hope you will bear with me on that! Now that all this is off my chest, let us get back to the task at hand.

Here is another look at the fabrics that I dug out of my stash for my quilt!

Several blues, a few oranges, golds and a dash of yellow!  There are a few greys too, which I shall use in the background squares.
As you can see, I am using an assortment of fat quarters of Fossil Fern by Benartex and some batiks from The Square Inch. Basically, you need  a minimum of 4 shades of the main fabric ( blues here) and  at least 4 shades of the focus fabric ( ranging deep orange to bright yellow here), besides the background fabric ( at least two shades of grey here). 
There is a lot of flexibility in the choice of fabric and colours  in the pattern, as long as you use fabric with strong contrast within a block. I have even designed these blocks with just two colours!
In India, most fabric is available in 34” – 36” width and conversions can be very tedious, so I calculated that too for you!
So what are we waiting for? Let us head straight to where all the action is! My blog!
Addendum ( 8th July 2014) - A downlodable file containing the fabric requirements is also now available in the same place!

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