Sunday 6 July 2014

What colours and fabrics are you choosing?

As announced a week ago, I am hosting a Block of the Month 'Round the Year" quilt from the 15th of this month. The fabric requirements will be given tomorrow.
To help you choose your colours, here are a few options!
The first is Aliya's Dahlia - quite like the sound of that, don't you? - a block our very own Desi Quilter Aliya Mir tested! How very pretty she  has made it look in her choice of fabric.

Another Desi Quilter, Sobana Sunder, tested what was to be Block No. 6 'Evening at the Pond' in really soft, soothing colours. She has even written a lovely blogpost about it! (While there you must see what other lovely stuff she has been making.) Meanwhile, this is what Sobana saw that winter evening at the pond...
 I must have been at the pond at sunset during the monsoons, because what I found was a brilliant sunset in deep oranges, golds and yellows!

Based on Sobana's feedback, I revised the block pattern somewhat to make it simpler for beginners. Nikhat Syeda  ( another generous Desi Quilter) tested this revised block, which has no curved piecing at all. I am thinking of making this the first block!

Isn't it amazing how different the same block can look depending on your choice of fabric and colour? If you are not sufficiently confused, here is a look at a totally different ( more modern) look that I experimented with. This is the Block called "Hope" after the famous Blue Diamond.

So I leave you here, dreaming of the colours in which your very own "Round the Year" quilt will come to life! Don't forget to come back tomorrow to check on how much fabric you will need for your quilt!