Friday 18 July 2014

The Dahlia Block - A Modern Twist!

The traditional Dahlia Block acquires a decidedly modern face-over with a geometric / graphic black and white print to set off solids in neon bright colours!

Before you head to my blog to download the instructions, here is a look at some fun I had with the the versatile Dahlia Block!
This is another option for the Rainbow modern block! The same block in just two colours coming up now!

I loved DQ Vidya Vartak Joshi,s profile pic - a pink lotus; so played around with the pattern to come up with this.

And here is a totally different looking dahlia, inspired by ( Hers is much prettier!) I love this, and am going to make this into a table topper!
The best part - these can all be stand alone blocks!
This will be all, till we are ready to assemble the pieced templates on July 22nd...

1 comment:

  1. Oh My what variations. Superb Madhu. Love the last one the best. Looks totally a different block.