Thursday 16 August 2012

100th member giveaway - Winners

In celebration of welcoming our 100th member, DQ, in association with our sponsors  BERNINA India, announced a giveaway to 3 lucky persons who left a comment on what it feels like to be part of this group. Mr.Random Number Generator refused to cooperate but good ol' chits-in-a-bowl came to the rescue and helped pick the winners.

So DQs, are you ready? The winners are:

1. Vidya1, who said, "Like "Anonymous" above, my day starts and ends with DQ and oftentimes I dream quilts too! This group has a feeling thats hard to describe: Alive, warm and welcoming, sharing and best of all CRAZY and fun ! There's never a dull moment because if I'm not laughing I'm learning.And yes, I must win something, pleeease ! the star runner, maybe ??", wins the Star Tablecloth Pattern.

2.Rashmi, who said, "It's warm and cozy here .... right from the time one tucks in :)All the best for the journey ahead!", wins the 3D Textile Art Pattern.

3.Madhu, who said,"I love being a Desi Quilter! Not only does my day start and end with you, I also check in on the buzz if I get up at night for a glass of water! DH and DS think I am crazy! I have made some great friends here, learnt so much new. I love the camaraderie, the laughter, the gentle ribbing, the warm bonding of people sharing a passion! I must win the leaf appliqué as appliqueing is my bugbear:( I even managed to work out how to post a comment in time for the draw - so win I must!", wins the Leaf Placemats Pattern.

Congratulations winners! Do mail your addresses to if you haven't already. Thank you BERNINA for the awesome gifts !

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  1. Wow..congrats winners...:-) do share with us what u will make from the book...