Monday 27 August 2012

Buzz said the Bee..

DQ is happy to announce that the second Bee is full too and registrations are now open for the third one. Please write to or send a request to our Facebook page if you'd like to participate.

Meanwhile, here are some tips for Bee members, present and future:

1.Please read the instructions FULLY and make sure you understand them well. Go thru any links provided. It is ok to get in touch with the queen bee in case clarifications are required.

2.Please use good quality, bleed-free cotton fabric, preferably of poplin weight.

3.Please be precise in your measurements and cutting. It is NOT okay to send a block that is not pieced correctly.

4.Please make sure your block is not undersized. Slightly oversized is okay if it can be later squared up by the queen bee without affecting the pattern.

5.Please put in genuine EFFORT in making a good block. If you are not happy with the way it has turned out, please make a fresh one rather than send a sub-standard block.

6.Please stick to the deadlines. In case you are unable to send by the deadline, please make sure you keep the queen bee and bee moderators informed.

7.Remember, this is NOT a chore. Idea is to have fun, learn something new and create a memory for a friendly bee.


1 comment:

  1. Exciting !! Not even 6 months old and we have our third BEE !!! All the Desi Bees buzzing means more beautiful quilts !