Tuesday 28 August 2012

Queen on me..

On popular demand, here's a small list of tips for Queen Bees, compiled by DQ Madhu : 

1. Please choose a block that does not require very complicated piecing skills! All members may not be equally experienced.

2. Make sure there are no copyright violations and sufficient credit is given to the source of inspiration, if any.

3. If you want member's fabric from stash, please do not have too many or too rigid requirements for fabric colours, prints etc. Not everybody has a stash, and not fair to expect people to go hunting for fabric for a single block.

4. Please give precise instructions. Make your own trial block first, using the instructions to the word. You may find you have missed something which is obvious to you, not to the reader. 

5. May be useful to give in-between-stage measurements, so that the member can check if she is doing ok! 

6. Be generous and ignore minor flaws. After all, everyone does her best! 

7. Appreciate and thank every member for her time and effort.

8. And enjoy queening over the others for a month :-)

Buzz royally !

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