Monday 6 August 2012

DQ Bangalore Meet Report

Nirmala-akka's traditional quilting workshop was the perfect excuse for a DQ meet. After a round of introductions, 'Desi Quilters' was introduced. DQ is a forum for sharing and learning quilty stuff. And having fun in the process. Very important. DQ does not align itself with any one particular kind or style or technique of quilting. Its a place where everything quilty is welcome and encouraged, whether it is 'traditional' or 'modern', 'Indian' or 'Western', 'Orthodox' or totally 'Improv'. Terms like 'modern' and 'traditional' are totally relative and change depending on the perspective and cultural background of the quilter or viewer. What is 'modern' in the western world may be totally 'traditional' here and what is 'traditional' there is very likely to be 'modern' here.

After a brief discussion about DQ and its activities, the older members did a 'Show-and-Tell'. 

Veena started with the Drunk Love block she'd made as part of the Bee Desi.

Vidya showed us her Solar System WIP with the hundreds of hand embroidered stars.

Nikhat showed her Circles quilt and her clever use of circle applique and reverse applique with minimal fabric wastage.

Damayanthi explained her simple method of putting together Tumbling blocks.

Rama showed us some beautiful pieces created by a mentally challenged girl. She runs an organization that helps empower women by realizing their creative potential.

Uma showed us her monocromatic quilt with its lovely quilting lines.

Poornima brought her very royal looking velvet quilt that she'd made for her princess.

I (Tina) showed a bug jar quilt but since nobody shot a pic, I am going to make you envious by showing the amazing place I was put up at Savita's house!

So thats a happy pic of DQs, old and new.

DQ is an organic body that grows and adapts with its members. It is NOT a stiff, regulated body with rules, regulations or any commercial intents. All DQ members are encouraged to meet up in their own cities/towns, organize local DQ meets and events, and keep the sharing-and-caring alive. Thats the way we DQ, a-ha..a-ha..

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