Friday 24 August 2012

A new milestone & a giveaway!

Its barely 4 months since Desi Quilters came into existence, though that's hard to believe looking at the lifelong friendships that it has given birth to. From a mere 2, the vivacious group has grown to 154 members and has been a hotbed of quilting activities right from the beginning. The DQ blog was but a natural consequence of a group trying to document its growth. 

In celebration of our blog reaching it's 50th follower milestone, our sponsors BERNINA India have offered to give away their ever-popular Step-by-Step patterns to not one, but THREE lucky winners!!

To qualify for the giveaway
1.Make sure you are a 'follower'
2.Leave a comment telling us of your thoughts on the blog
3.Tell us which pattern you'd like to win

So, hurry up and leave a comment people ! Winners will be chosen next week.



  1. Wow!!!!Congratulations on reaching this milestone and hoping there are many more. Love the way this blog is maintained with regular posts useful to newnies and pro's alike. Hats off to the admin for doing a great job. Love to win the first pattern

  2. When I get up in the morning I try to finish my morning chores and send hubby off, just so that I could check out DQ. lOVE YOU DQ.
    Ok now to business I want the first one, the bed quilt pattern.
    Thanks and Regards....Sunita Suhas

  3. Love the way this blog just keeps getting better and more fun with each passing day! All the wonderful writeups are bound to attract many many more followers!! Every one who has contributed here deserves a pat on the back! Would love the first pattern of this far giveaway :)

  4. Congratulations to DQ on reaching the milestone at such short time!! To tell you the truth, DQ has become my lifeline...I have rediscovered myself after become a part of it...It keeps me on my toes or rather fingers as they itch to do some thing new, something different. I watch out for the expert's tips to incorporate in my quilting.
    I would love to have the first pattern.
    Regards...Syeda Arshia Nikhat

  5. Great we reached 50 subscribers :-) I love reading the different blog posts when they come up. It gives good inspiration for future projects.
    I would like to win the bag tutorial.

  6. Until a few weeks back I was oblivious to the very existence of DQ. Today my day starts by logging in to see whats new on DQ (it helps that my husband and kid wake up late.!). And there is something new everyday, that is no easy feat.! Good job and heres hoping for more followers.! I would like to win the first pattern, seems interesting.

  7. Congrats on reaching milestone...Just love DQ as it gives me lots of new patterns and always keep me busy thinking something new.....I would like to have the first pattern.....

  8. Well Done !! Another milestone, another giveaway !! And the Blog is just what one needs to start the day. I only wish more DQ's would add their comments. Just gives it a more " chatting with friends" feel.
    I know lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but who know this is a special place and it could just do that :)

  9. Congratulation to DQ on reaching 50. Its amazing to see how active and creative this group is in india. Looking at the colors, interesting quilt cheers me up. Would love to win first pattern. Waiting to see more. Best Regards Anitha

  10. I Love DQ group bcoz its so active, and motivate me a lot to do lot of new things through qal and lal. thanks all the team,

    and I love to win crazy pouch.

    Congratulation on getting more than 50 followers.

  11. Congrats to us!!!! And many many more milestones to come.

    DQ has become a part, rather way of my life! Its much more than quilting. Ive got to make some great friends who go out of way to help me get started with a project or with fabric or recipes or dark chocolate :D :D. When we met for the firstt time it was like we have known forever and even a first telephonic conversation is like lost friends united. Thank you all for making this place soo special. AND... I would love the first pattern.

    *Group hug*

  12. Congratulation to DQ. My day starts with a cup of coffee and DQ FB page :))...Love the group..Hoping for more followers..I would like to win the first pattern.

  13. I follow. I love. I want. (2nd one preferably)

  14. I'm a follower..and the Blog is's always updated with latest activities..great pictures too!! and would love to win the magic pillow..or any one of those three *fingerscrossed*

  15. Congratulations on reaching such an important milestone. DQ is growing slow and steady as it should be. The post and other things like CAL and tutorials are all very interesting and educative. Love the atmosphere here.
    Love to win. :)

  16. Love DQ. It is my morning planner of the day. Visiting it I am inspired by the posts.
    Congratulations on its steady growth.