Wednesday 1 August 2012

DQ July'12 Challenge Entries

The DQ July'12 Challenge attracted 12 entries. Here are the rules and the participants' interpretations of the same:

Ok ladies, lets see what you can do with colour. Or rather, the lack of it. Here are the July Challenge Rules:

- Make a quilted item (any size) using ONLY monochromatic colours
- A MINIMUM of 4 different fabrics to be used
- Either AVOID solids altogether or, use NOT MORE than 2 solids. 

Last date : 31st July 2012, 6 PM IST.

Ready, get set, goooooo......

1. Tina Katwal

2. Amalie Pagh

3.Nirmala Gurunathan - 1

4.Nirmala Gurunathan - 2

5.Uma Srinivasan

6. Syeda Arshia Nikhat

7. Shalini Gurunath 

8.Damayanthi Bhat

9.Chumkie Mukherjee

10.Madhu Mathur

11.Gayathri Kumar

12.Vidya Vartak Joshi

In three days time, one lucky entry will win goodies from BERNINA India. Watch this space !

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