Friday 27 July 2012

DQ Chennai Meet cum Bernina FAQ Day

The DQ Meet on 24th July at Chennai was a blast. Just a short round of introductions and DQ VeenaDQ Nirmala, DQ Uma, DQ Tina and Bernina Usha were getting on like a house on fire.

Bernina lady, Usha, started with a demo of the 3 series, esp., the B380, a wonderful machine.

The B380 has 115 inbuilt patterns. Add to them mirror images and the ability to feed in combinations, and you can basically 'invent' hundreds of patterns!

With an automatic threader, who needs glasses!

Winding bobbins is a breeze too. All automatic. And with 3 thread cutters, one near the bobbin winder, one next to the bobbin shuttle, and one near the needle, who needs scissors either ?! :-)

The biggish work table is a boon for a quilter. Easier to quilt without the weight of the quilt tugging at the fabric under the needle.

With solid presser feet, and a whole range of optional accessories, the B380 can be anything you want it to be.

After the demo, the floor was open for the FAQ session. Other DQs had also joined this session online through the DQ Facebook page. Questions regarding the Bernina range of machines were answered by Ms.Usha Belose and Mr.Ajay Gupta of Bernina India. Our thanks to the both of them for a very informative session.

Post lunch, there was some playing with fabric. Solids particularly. 

DQ Veena made a Drunk Love in Log Cabin Block for Vidya2 as part of the Bee Desi. Since its a secret, she can't show the lovely block yet.

This is DQ Uma and she is organizing an exhibition of kids garments in September at Chennai. She has offered to put up DQ quilts for display and sales! Wow!

This is DQ Tina, a very happy DQ for a variety of reasons...

.. these particularly!...yummy !!

Thank you Veena for the cakes (and everything else), thank you Uma for the splendid exhibition offer, thank you Nirmala for attending (and the jamuns), thank you Usha and Ajay for the FAQ session, and this is me,Tina, so am skipping thanking myself. And Aliya, we missed you.

If you'd like to be part of this fun, join us on Facebook, follow our blog and participate in our activities. Or just hang around. Its a good place to be. Cheers!


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all ! We enjoyed being a small part of it through the Chat session...but we missed out on all that gorgeous fabric to play with on those superb machines AND of course the yummy desserts !
    When is the next one ??!

  2. I am sure all of us who could not reach Chennai.....are certainly bright green! You seem to have had such a fun time! Way to go DQs!


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